Birthday parties are one of our favorite ways to play.

The best news is that you get to plan as little or as much as you want for a birthday party at BrickHouse.

Already know what you want to do?

Here is a closer look at how parties work at BrickHouse.


We provide themed decorations for all party packages. Choose from themes such as Super Mario, Minecraft, Frozen, and more. Because we offer so many themes, we aren’t able to provide themed tableware. Instead, tableware is done in the colors of the selected theme.

You are more than welcome to add to any of the decorations. Please drop off all extra decor by the BrickHouse labeled with your child’s name and birthday party date/time a week before the the party date.

List of themes

Food & Drink

Anyone having a House Party or Mini-House Party with us will provide their own food/snacks, drinks, silverware and cake. Also, please keep in mind that everything we provide in the Block party packages is for the children, but we do not discourage you from bringing in snacks/drinks for parents that may stay. If you choose to provide food for the adults please remember silverware and plates for them.


Your party can be structured or very laid back. Please let us know how you would like to spend your 2 hours with us. We always work in a friendly building competition that goes along with the theme you choose for your party along with fun gender neutral party games.

Free Invitations

Feel free to download invitations for your next party at the Brick House. We have two designs available that you can pick from.

Block Party

20 Guests

2 Hours to Play

4 Large Pizzas

20 Cupcakes

20 Waters

Table Decorations

Paper Products

20 Goody Bags

Gift for the Birthday Child


Mini Block Party

10 Guests

2 Hours to Play

2 Large Pizzas

10 Cupcakes

10 Waters

Table Decorations

Paper Products

10 Goody Bags


House Party

20 Guests

2 Hours to Play

Table Decorations

Paper Products


Mini House Party

10 Guests

2 Hours Play

Table Decorations

Paper Products


Party details and notes.


We ask for a non-refundable deposit of $159 (includes tax) in order to book a party. We can handle this over the phone, online, or in person at The BrickHouse.

You can also send your deposit via PayPal.

Make Deposit Send a Deposit through Paypal


What comes in the package is exactly what you are getting, but we understand if there is something you don’t need or something you wish to add.

If there is something you don't want or need that comes in your selected package, you can let us know. You can forfeit that item, but we are unable to give you any sort of credit.

If you would like to add on additional pizzas please let us know when you put down your deposit and we can order them for you. Pizza money will be tacked onto the deposit and due up front.


Tipping is completely optional but extremely appreciated. If you choose to tip your party host and/or hostess please do so in cash. Thank you.

Requesting Changes

You may change your party theme up to 1 week before the party. If its less then 7 days before your party, changes are not be able to be made.

You may even change the date/time of your party, but we need 2 weeks advance notice. Our schedule is tight and we are booking parties daily so our availability is constantly changing. If its less then two weeks from your party date, and you need to change the date/time there will be a $50 charge to do so. All changes based on availability.


There will be a $20 charge for each additional child above the maximum guest count for our Block Parties, and only $15 per additional child for our House Parties. Please keep in mind our MINI parties allow for up to 10 guests. You may only have 4 additional guests past the 10 allotted before you are going to need to bump your package to an up to 20 guest count package.

We can accommodate larger parties of 25-30 children.

Party Times

Saturdays: 11 am – 1 pm; 2 – 4 pm; and 5 – 7 pm
Sundays : 11 am – 1 pm; 2 – 4 pm; and 5 – 7 pm

Extra Fun Things

Special costumed characters are not provided by BrickHouse, but they are welcome to the party! If you would like to find the character of choice and schedule the special appearance, let us know.

Check out our amazing list of themes.

We cannot wait to start planning with you! The first step is the check availability and book a date. Then we can work on the fun stuff.


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